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WLAD: Age Limitation

Imputing Income: Unemployment & Underemployment

WLAD: Changes In Work Schedule & Unlawful Retaliation

Unlawful Retaliation Test

Claim Splitting In Washington

WLAD: Definition of Dog Guide & Service Animal

The WA Doctrine of Judicial Estoppel

Equal Protection Clause & The Class-Of-One Claim

The Safety Camera Infraction Presumption: WA State

Employer Liability for Unpaid Contract Wages: WA State

Sole Corporate Shareholder Plaintiff & Section 1981

Appearance, Default, & Judgment In WA State

Wrongful Termination: WA State

Suing Supervisors For Discrimination In Washington

Title VII: Religious Exemption & Non-Religious Discrimination

Pregnancy Discrimination Is Sex Discrimination In WA

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