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Williams Law Group is a small virtual law firm with low overhead. Consequently, we can afford to take great care to maintain manageable caseloads in order to provide quality legal services. For us, an overflowing caseload is not necessarily better -- especially when we're dealing with livelihoods. We want to provide every visitor and client with the personal and prompt attention they deserve. 

In fact, call us today at  (253) 396-9000, and you'll always talk directly with attorney Williams; no call screeners, no legal assistants, no paralegals. And we always try to return voice messages within 24 hours (excluding holidays and weekends).

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If employment-discrimination issues have you stressed and confused, a comprehensive consultation might be a good place to start. We assist employees and former employees by providing comprehensive consultations designed to relieve, educate, and empower. We look forward to listening to you, educating you, answering your questions, and helping in any way we can. Visit Law Office of Gregory A. Williams today to learn more about our employment law practice: Discrimination; Harassment; Hostile Work Environment; Unlawful Retaliation; Wrongful Termination

Call us today at (253) 396-9000 to schedule your 3-hour comprehensive consultation.

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LEGAL & BUSINESS SUPPORT. We offer legal and business support services to other attorneys and law firms on a contract basis. Services include, but are not limited to: Advice and Mentoring; Brief Writing; Case Assessment; Court Appearances; Drafting Affirmative and Responsive Motions; Prospective-Client Screening/Intake; Research; Setting Up New Law Offices; Training; and more. Call us today at (253) 396-9000 to discuss your organizational needs and our abilities to fulfill them.

WEBSITES & SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO). In addition, we build and maintain effective websites for Washington State employment attorneys that are both search-engine optimized (SEO) for key search terms and monetized to cover marketing expenses; Attorney Williams designed, developed, monetized, and maintains all of our business websites, and he solely performs all SEO. Contact us today at (253) 396-9000 for more information.


We're also an internet publisher of free legal articles, videos, and resources through various blogs that Attorney Williams designed, developed, and maintains. We publish information on a weekly basis that touches on variety of subject areas. Begin reading our articles on this website, today, to learn more about employment law. Some of our other popular blogs include: 


At the end of the day, we hope to make meaningful connections with honest, hard-working people. Ultimately, our goal is to form lifelong relationships with our clients. We'll work on your case as if we were a member of your family; we invite you to consider becoming a member of ours.

Gregory A. Williams, Esq.
Gregory A. Williams, Esq.

➣Doctor of Jurisprudence, Seattle University School of Law
➣Admitted to United States Supreme Court
➣Admitted to United States Court of Federal Claims
➣Admitted to United States District Court Western District of Washington
➣Admitted to Washington State Courts
➣Member U.S. Supreme Court Bar
➣Member Federal Bar Association
➣Member Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association
➣Member Washington Defender Association
➣Member Washington State Association for Justice
➣Member Washington State Bar Association
➣Conflict Panel Attorney: Pierce County Department of Assigned Counsel
➣Referral Panel Attorney: Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association

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