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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Definition of Prima Facie Case

by Gregory Williams, Esq. | Under Washington State laws, what is a prima facie caseHere's my point of view (NOTE: please read our DISCLAIMER before proceeding).


The term "prima facie" means "at first sight; on first appearance but subject to further evidence or information." Black's Law Dictionary 1228 (8th ed. 2004). And a "prima facie case" means: "1. The establishment of a legally required rebuttable presumption ... [; or] 2. A party's production of enough evidence to allow the fact-trier to infer the fact at issue and rule in the party's favor." Id.


The Washington State Supreme Court has declared, "* * * A 'prima facie case' is one where the evidence is sufficient to justify, but not to compel, an inference of liability, or, in other words, evidence to be weighed, but not necessarily to be accepted by a jury or other trier of the fact." Nopson v. City of Seattle, 33 Wn.2d 772, 812, 207 P.2d 674, (1949) (citing McCoy v. Courtney, 25 Wash.2d 956, 962, 172 P.2d 596, 600, 170 A.L.R. 603) (hyperlink added).


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